Norminet beta



Have you had enough of social media giants ripping you off by spying, censoring and even selling your data?

Norminet works the opposite way:



If you want, Norminet keeps all your data private. Or you can sell some of your data.

At best you will be paid for ounly telling about yourself and what you like. That is more valuable than you can imagine.

All this is also possible when staying anonymous!



You can be paid by official currency like dollars or euros. Or you can get Norminet's own normbonus.

For your smallest activity and data such as liking a photo or a posting you can be get at least normbonus.

You can use normbonus for many things like accessing information/data on business, employment or even dating possibilities.



Norminet also helps you to not only benefit from your information, but also helps you to get various everyday products and services from food to trips to cars.

Norminet's clearing system will automatically organise group buys. In this way you can save even 20-30% in your monthly expenses.

Your family can save hundreds of dollars every month.



If you participate in group buys or collect enough normbonus you can be served by a normagent.

Normagent will help to organise your life by helping with your information trade and group buys.

At the same time the normagent has an incentive to fix your life.

Your personal normagent can get you affordable or even totally free services such as computer-, internet-, legal-, medical-, dating-, education-, employment- and accounting services.



In some cases normagents can forward cash to VIP-members against future income and savings from information and group buys.

In effect a normagent can function as your "cash machine".

At best you can get both normbonus and dollars without investing a cent at Norminet!



VIP-members have also the possibility to buy shares in Norminet.

If and when Norminet can challenge social media giants then return for investment can be huge.



Remember that you possess two precious things: Your own data and your capability to join group buys.

These are literally worth tens of thousands of dollars!


Free society

Big social media is not only spying, censoring and ripping you off but together with globalist big business they have cartellized the whole economy.

New technology and Norminet enable us to free people from the clutches of monopoly capitalism.

This benefits also small and medium businesses.

Everyone benefits and we can achieve a more honest and free society!

Norminet is made possible by

Tuukka Pensala

  • CEO at Norminet Oy
  • M.Sc. in theoretical physics
  • Developer