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Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy share the following definitions:

  • Terms: Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Service: This internet service provided by Norminet Oy residing at
  • User: The other party of Terms, that is person who uses Service with or without a user account.
  • User Content: Content uploaded to the service by User, such as text, images, videos and other information.
  • The first-person plural personal pronoun "we" refers to Norminet Oy.

Service overview

We strive to create a collaboration platform with social media features suitable for nationalists, conservatives, Christians and the alt-right. From this, two guidelines follow:

  • We aim to permit publishing legal but politically incorrect content in Service.
  • We aim to avoid a situation where social justice warriors, moles, or hooligans hamper the use of Service for the target user group, or cause significant upkeep costs.

Prohibited behavior

User is prohibited from uploading prohibited content to Service. Prohibited content includes:

  • Content supporting islamization, multiculturalism or mass migration.
  • Content supporting the destruction of traditional social norms.
  • Content opposing freedom of nations and individuals.
  • Pornographic content.
  • Illegal content.

User is prohibited from performing denial of service attacks or causing any other abnormal burden on the service without our written consent.

User is prohibited from violating the law using Service.


We reserve the right to restrict the use of the service arbitrarily. We reserve the right to change these rules.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service uses the definitions of Community Guidelines.

The service

These terms of service concern Service.

Accepting the terms and conditions

Using Service requires accepting Terms. If you do not agree with Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, or accept Privacy Policy, do not use Service.

Changes to Terms

We may change Terms unilaterally at any time. Continuing to use Service after the change requires accepting the new terms. The new terms fully replace old Terms. These Terms are effective beginning from 30.06.2019.

Requirements for using Service

User has to be of legal age.

User agrees to obey the Finnish law in using Service.

User is responsible for actions performed using his user account.

User grants us the right to store, delete, use, modify and share all User Content. By uploading content to Service, User assures that User has the right to grant these rights.

Usage limitations

We reserve all rights unless otherwise stated.

Discontinuation of use

We may prevent access to Service, delete the account or User Content of User without notice, for arbitrary reason and time. User can stop using Service by deleting User's user account and User Content from Service. We shall not be liable for a possible delay in the discontinuation of Service use.

Digital goods

We do not offer refunds for digital goods. User may lose access to digital goods without compensation.


Service is provided as-is. We do not guarantee that Service works as informed, expected, or desired. Service may be used only at your own risk. We do not compensate for possible losses or damages associated with the use of Service including mental, physical, or monetary damages. Service may contain disturbing and erroneous information.

Application of Terms

If part of Terms are in violation of the law, then Terms are effective in greatest extent available.


Contact requests can be sent to

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy uses the same definitions as Community Guidelines.

Collected information

We collect information supplied by user, like text and images (User Content). We also collect information related to the usage of Service, such as User IP-address, page load counts, accessed addresses (URL), connection timestamps and amount of transferred data. Session information, encryption information and language selection is stored in cookies or similar storage on User device.

Usage of information

The collected information is used to provide a well-functioning collaboration and social media service. Information related to the usage of Service is used to detect and prevent disturbance of Service.

Sharing of information

The collected information is shared between Service and User. Because of the nature of Service, large amount of the collected information is accessible to other users through regular usage of Service. We can not fully control how other users store or share information they have received using Service. Collected information is not separately shared between a third party if not otherwise stated, or if the law does not require it.

Some collected information is encrypted so that Service is unable to share the original information without assistance of User.

Storage of information

User Content that is accessible through the service may be stored until User deletes individual pieces of User Content or deletes the associated user account, which results in deletion of all accessible User Content. Backups may contain User Content of a deleted account up to a year from the date of user account deletion. Information related to the usage of Service is stored temporarily, but we do not guarantee a time frame for automatic deletion. Some session and encryption information will be deleted when User logs out from Service using common browsers. Deleting some cookies from User's device, such as language selection, remains as the reponsibility of User. We recommend that users delete cookies manually when they log out of the service.

Reviewing, updating and deletion of information

The collected information can be downloaded from the settings of the user account, not including temporary information related to the usage of Service. Collected information may be updated or deleted from the same page. User may send an email request to the contact address to review, update, or delete collected information.


Issues regarding Privacy Policy may be sent to